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Mario and Megaman is going great!!

2007-09-28 18:36:27 by KingKalamari

hello, if any of you didnt know im fasthog, my old account screwed up so now im KingKalamari,
Megaman vs Topman HAS been put on a pause because i just learnt how to spriteimate and i wanna do so, if anyone wants to know why Mario and Megaman is taking forever, the reason is simple, i started the sprite didnt cooperate so i got new sprites with a whole entirley new starting, not story, starting.
STARTING NO. 1 : megaman runs in a level and hears from his wrist, "Megaman, dstroy the gutsman offspring and defeat Sparkman, then return to the Lab ASAP", NOT GOOD STARTING. XD

STARTING NO. 2 : mario runs and wart falls from the sky, Mario goes WHOA!!! then, Mario says, "hmm Wart?" (but no on likes it when mario talks we all love his grunts and that all) then wart says, "Hello, Mario, i am proud to say i am making my way to being the king of the mushromm kingdom empire, once you are off my list as is your foolish brother, all i have left is that mutton-chopped headed bowser, so i end my speech with these words mario the plumber, prepare to be schooled!! CRAP >:P

CURRENT STARTING: Mario is humming while walking and he stops looks up and sees an ? block! :D
so he looks at you and gives the piece sign, jumps and a LIFE SHROOM COMES OUT !!ZOMG!! then he turns around to see a missle explode in his face, then beging the opening battle with brawler beetle, from Mario and Kirby games.

so i have made about 300-400 frames so far, and keep tight until its made!! :D
see ya KingKalamari

Mario and Megaman is going great!!


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