Entry #3

Mario and Megaman

2007-10-04 23:24:56 by KingKalamari

Hey everyone!
if you haven't heard of it before, im making a new flash called Mario and Megaman, its been in creation for a while now and i just want everyone to know about it. spread the word and also, leave a comment on all three posts! (that would be greatly appreciated) :D also check out my art @ sheezyart and if you cant find my account its called KingKalamari to find some pics search, The Dynamic Duo, The King Kalamari or Bowser demo - M & MM thanks for your time!

have a nice day,


Mario and Megaman


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2007-10-04 23:59:49

If it's good go ahead.

KingKalamari responds:

i will! :D


2007-10-05 00:09:52

looks cool. I'm looking forward to M&MM

KingKalamari responds:

thanks for the encouragment


2007-10-05 08:19:15

I'll give you a watch at SA. Back it could be also nice. I want to know more about this animation.

KingKalamari responds:

and you will :D


2007-10-05 10:35:04

Sounds quite interesting since Im a big mega man fan and I like Mario games also.

Go and make it good! :D

(Updated ) KingKalamari responds:

ill do my best thanks for the nice inspiration :D

and to all who left a comment thankyou for the kindness i truly inspires me :D